Deadline: February 15th

Do you want to validate your invoices in the Finance Portal and do not know how?

Do you want to enjoy the tax benefit of deductible expenses?

Bring your invoices. Do not worry. We'll take care of it.

We have special offers for you!


Deadline: from April 1st to May 31st

Documents to be delivered by hand at the office or other agreed location:

    • Dependent, retired and pensioners (Cat A and H) - € 25;

    • Others - From 25€.

Documents needed:


- Proof of income;

- Health and education expenses, which are not properly registered in the AT Portal;

- Independent worker receipts;

- Rents;

- Deed of sale and respective purchase of real estate;

- Sale of shares and documents proving the purchase values;

- Expenses for the maintenance and repair of leased properties, IMI, Condomínio, others.

We have a special offer for you:

A discount of 5€ per referral. Each new IRS complete filling and submission brought by you, you pay less.

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